Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Avengers (Japan Trailer)

So a new Japanese trailer for the Avengers Movie surfaced giving the secondary characters a little more face time. A lot more scenes than the U.S. trailers... this movie looks better every time!!!! In theaters May 4!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


KIDROBOT: You better make room in your collection, because on beginning June 23, Dunny Series 2011 hits Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers worldwide. Featuring 18 designs from 15 inspired artists, 2011’s curation is killer – thanks to styles by KR vets Aya Kakeda, Chuckboy, Huck Gee, Kronk, MAD, Dirty Donny, Mister F®ame$ and Mishka, and debuting designs by deserved artists and customizers such as Squink!, 64 Colors, DrilOne, Elphonso Lam, Le Merde, Travis Lampe and Betso, 2010’s MUNNY MUNTH winner. Whatever your Dunny bent, Series 2011′s got you covered.

$9.95/blind box (£7.90 UK; 9.20€ Europe)

Each 3-inch vinyl figure comes blind boxed, with a trading card, and a little somethin’ extra.

While supplies last, alternate version of Huck Gee’s zombie Dunny for free with case pack purchase at Kidrobot retail stores,, and select retailers worldwide.

More pictures can be found HERE


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


PROPHECY: The newest 8" Dunnys from Kidrobot are coming quickly, quietly, and ready for battle. Fans of Huck Gee will be happy to see some 8" production pieces based off of his Gold Life custom series. As the picture shows 4 stunning variations will be available. The red Day/Night Raku will be available exclusively through Kidrobot locations and online. The black Day & Night Raku Dunnys will be available only from select retailers. Each style is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, so get your spot in line early or keep refreshing your browser because these will go quick. Some hardcore collectors will going after all 4, but with a price tag of $100 each, that may be a little tough to swing for most of us. If you are having trouble just picking one to purchase, here is what Day & Night Raku Dunny comes equipped with if that helps your decision. The Day Raku comes with cloth robe, detachable peasant sandals, plastic bamboo peasant hat, coiled rope and bedroll, and a walking staff. The Night Raku comes equipped with wind whipped mask, a pair of claws, and blade. And yes, there is wire in the mask to give it that cool blowing in the wind appearance while on display. All of these guys go on sale at their respect store & online locations Thursday, May 26th. For more information, make sure to visit the sites listed below:

Huck Gee


Sunday, May 22, 2011


PROPHECY: Designed by MAD, KidRiot is the newest and 19th edition of the Kidrobot 'Mascot' series. This release was limited to 1,500 pieces as well as 10 signed/numbered AP's that were sold exclusively from MAD's web store with a Giclee print. Although 1,500 seems like a high number as compared to some of the past pieces in this series, they are completely sold out. This doesn’t surprise me much at all because of how cool this toy is, MAD never fails to impress.

Upon receiving mine the other day I quickly but carefully opened the shipping box and packing peanuts went flying. I was slowed once I saw the box, and had to admire it for a minute before opening it. It’s nearly as cool as the figure itself, but lacks that glorious smell of fresh vinyl that only a new toy can provide. The figure and each accessory are individually wrapped, so it’s like 4 mini Christmas gifts you get to open along with your new toy. And the assembly began…

The figure itself is 8 inches of awesomeness, but if he is wearing his helmet and the shield is up he stands nearly 9 inches tall. The shield actually clicks into an up or down position for the ease of displaying this guy reflecting your (or his) current mood. He wears a standard blue police uniform with black boots, gloves, pads, utility belt, and a pack on his back with ‘19’ on it. Kidrobot figures feature that well recognizable smile and eyes that appear happy, but when he’s decked out in his riot gear the helmet covers a portion of his eyes it gives him an oh so happy to beat you down look. KidRiot also comes with 3 hand-held accessories to complete the look: a shield, a billy club, and a strawberry doughnut. This continues to raise the cool level as you can mix and match whichever way you please. The shield has raised print with KIDROBOT x MAD, RIOT (separated by a robot skull and crossbones), 19, and WE OWN THE GAME on it. The billy club is a massive piece sporting the nickname “The Judge” on it. And finally the strawberry doughnut, which I like to put in his hand with his mask off so you can see his joy for the tasty treat. On the bottom of his feet you will find both the Kidrobot & MAD's logos.

Although I would really hate to see any of these figures sacrificed by customizers, I can already imagine the crazy things people will do, especially after seeing the great pieces that came from the ChuckBoy Cyborg Dunny. I’m sure we will see some kind of futuristic RoboCop looking custom and who knows what else. Customs are always bittersweet for me because I love the production pieces that these great designers create and don’t like seeing them stripped; but on the other hand I’ve seen some insane customs sometimes imagined by those same designers. Regardless of what happens to the other 1,499 KidRiot figures, mine will remain safely on display at my house. It easily became one of my favorite toys the moment I saw it, and I recommend that if you’re a fan of MAD, Kidrobot, or just vinyl in general that you pick one up (hopefully at a reasonable price/trade) if you have a chance.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cartoon Network, DC Nation & Warner Bros. Animation New Partnership

Huge animation news from Cartoon Network's upfront presentation today, as they announced a new, closer partnership between Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. A new "DC Nation" animation block will be premiering on the network in 2012, featuring "a multi-platform block of exclusive branded original content." Read more HERE!!!!

NewDay - She's Hollywood (Teaser)

DUB FLOYD: A couple of weeks back we featured this dope band so to there incredible song inspired by the Green Lantern movie which is in theaters this Summer!!!! This is the teaser for their first official video "She's Hollywood"!!!! The video is set to debut early spring!!!!